Ellen G. White Writings

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Selected Messages Book 2, Page 190

Chapter 21—The Workers in Our Institutions

Procuring the Very Best Talent

From time to time, I have felt urged by the Spirit of the Lord to bear a testimony to our brethren in regard to the necessity of procuring the very best talent to work in our various institutions and in the numerous other departments of our cause. Those who are thus connected with the work must be trained men, men whom God can teach and whom He can honor as He did Daniel, with wisdom and understanding. They must be thinking men, men who bear God's impress, and who are steadily progressing in holiness, in moral dignity, and in the excellence with which they labor. If they are growing men, if they possess reasoning minds and sanctified intelligence, if they listen to the voice of God, and seek to catch every ray of light from heaven, and they will, like the sun, pursue an undeviating course, and they will grow in wisdom and in favor with God....

Those who are placed in leading positions in connection with our institutions should be men who have sufficient breadth of mind to respect those of cultivated intellect, and who will recompense them proportionately to the responsibilities they bear. True, those who engage in the work of the Lord should not do so merely for the wages they receive, but to honor God, advance His cause, and to

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