Ellen G. White Writings

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Selected Messages Book 2, Page 210

Chapter 23—Counsel to One Who for Financial Reasons Was Planning to Leave the Work of God

[On November 3, 1892, a publishing house manager wrote to Mrs. E. G. White to inform her that he had decided to leave the institution for employment outside the denominational work because of personal financial embarrassment. He had not managed to live within his income, had become indebted to the institution to the total amount of $1,244 during a period of eight years. In the meantime he had accumulated in like manner a debt at the sanitarium. Both institutions were kindly requesting him to settle these accounts. He felt that under the circumstances he would be justified in leaving denominational work for outside employment paying higher wages, with the hope of paying his debts and with the prospect of never returning to labor in the cause of God. The following letter is Mrs. White's reply.—Compilers.]

My brother, in your letter you speak of leaving the Review office. I am sorry that you can be willing to separate from the work for the reasons you mention. They reveal that you have a much deeper experience to gain than you now have. Your faith is very weak. Other families, much larger than yours, sustain themselves without one word of complaint, on half the wages you have. We have been over the ground, and I know what I am talking about. It is evident that whether you remain in the Review office or separate from it you have lessons to learn that will be of the highest interest to you. I do not feel at liberty to urge you to remain; for unless you drink deeper of the Fountain of living waters, your service will not be acceptable to God.

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