Ellen G. White Writings

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Selected Messages Book 2, Page 85

Chapter 10—The Visions of Anna Phillips

[In 1893 Anna Phillips, a young woman residing in Battle Creek, was led to believe that her impressions and dreams were the intimations of the Spirit of God. She was encouraged in her work when her so-called testimonies, placed in the hands of a leading worker, were read by him before the Battle Creek church as divinely inspired communications. The next morning this worker received the communication here presented. On hearing this read, Anna Phillips discerned and acknowledged the delusion, repudiated her past work, and became a trusted, fruitful Bible instructor in the work of the church.—Compilers.]

Does Not Bear Signature of Heaven

I know that we are living near the close of this earth's history; startling events are preparing for development. I am fully in harmony with you in your work when you present the Bible, and the Bible alone, as the foundation of our faith. Satan is an artful foe, and he will work where he is by many least expected. I have a message for you. Did you suppose that God had commissioned you to take the burden of presenting the visions of Anna Phillips, reading them in public, and uniting them with the testimonies the Lord has been pleased to give me? No, the Lord has not laid upon you this burden. He has not given you this work to do.... Do not belittle the work by mingling with it productions that you have no positive evidence are from the Lord of life and glory....

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