Ellen G. White Writings

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The Spirit of Prophecy, vol. 2, Page 8

Table of Contents

Chapter I. The First Advent of Christ,9
Chapter II. The Life of Christ,30
Chapter III. Life and Mission of John,41
Chapter IV. The Mission of Christ,58
Chapter V. The Death of John,74
Chapter VI. Temptation of Christ,85
Chapter VII. The Marriage at Cana,98
Chapter VIII. Cleansing the Temple,115
Chapter IX. Nicodemus Comes to Christ,124
Chapter X. The Woman of Samaria,140
Chapter XI. The Centurion's Son,151
Chapter XII. Jesus at Bethesda,156
Chapter XIII. Jesus at Capernaum,173
Chapter XIV. Choosing the Disciples,182
Chapter XV. The Sabbath,193
Chapter XVI. Sermon on the Mount,200
Chapter XVII. The Leper Healed,225
Chapter XVIII. Parable of the Sower,232
Chapter XIX. Other Parables,242
Chapter XX. The Loaves and Fishes,258
Chapter XXI. Walking on the Water,267
Chapter XXII. Christ in the Synagogue,274
Chapter XXIII. The Paralytic,292
Chapter XXIV. Woman of Canaan,301
Chapter XXV. Christ Stills the Tempest,305
Chapter XXVI. Men from the Tombs,311
Chapter XXVII. Jairus’ Daughter,318
Chapter XXVIII. The Transfiguration,324
Chapter XXIX. Feast of Tabernacles,337
Chapter XXX. Go and Sin no More,349
Chapter XXXI. Resurrection of Lazarus,358
Chapter XXXII. Mary's Offering,372
Chapter XXXIII. Riding into Jerusalem,382

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