Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies for the Church, vol. 2, Page 388

He had such a reluctance to acknowledge frankly that he had made mistakes and done wrong that, to get out of the difficulty, he would set the powers of his mind at work to invent some excuse that he flattered himself was not a direct lie, rather than humble himself sufficiently to confess his wrong. This habit has been brought with him into his religious experience. He has a peculiar faculty of turning away a point by pleading forgetfulness, when, many times, he chooses to forget.

His relatives and friends might have been brought into the truth had he been what God would have him to be. But his set ways have made him disagreeable. He has used the truth as a subject to quarrel over. In spite of his father's opposition he has talked Bible subjects in his father's family, and has used the most objectionable subjects to quarrel over, instead of seeking in all humbleness of mind, and with an undying love for souls, to win to the truth and bring to the light.

When he has pursued a wrong course, evidently unbecoming a disciple of the meek and lowly Jesus, and has known that his words and acts were not in accordance with the sanctifying influence of truth, he has mulishly stood in his own defense, until his honesty has been questioned. He has made the most precious truth for these last days disgusting to his friends and relatives; he has proved a stumbling block to them. His evasions, his bigotry, and the extreme views he has taken have turned more souls away from the truth than his best endeavors have brought into it.

His combativeness, firmness, and self-esteem are large. He cannot bless any church with his influence until he is converted. He can see the faults of others, and will question the course of this one and that one if they do not fully endorse what he may present; but if anyone receives what he advocates, he cannot and will not see their faults and errors. This is not right. He may be correct upon many points, but he has

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