Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies for the Church, vol. 2, Page 498

Number Nineteen—Testimony for the Church

Chapter 61—Address to Ministers

Dear Brethren, 2T 498

October 25, 1868, I was shown that not all who profess to be called to teach the truth are qualified for this sacred work. Some are far from meeting the mind and will of God. Some indulge in slothfulness in temporal things, and their religious life is marked with spiritual sloth. Where there is a lack of persevering energy and close application in temporal matters and business transactions, the same deficiency will be apparent in spiritual things. 2T 498.1

Some of you are heads of families, and your example and influence are molding the characters of your children. Your example will be followed by them in a greater or less degree, and your lack of thoroughness is setting a bad example for others. But your deficiencies are more sensibly felt, with more weighty results, in the cause and work of God. Your families have felt this deficiency and suffered on account of it; they have lacked many things which diligent industry and perseverance might have supplied. But this deficiency has been seen and felt in the cause and work of God in as much greater degree as His cause and work is of higher importance than the things pertaining to this life. 2T 498.2

The influence of some ministers is not good. They have not carefully guarded their moments, thus giving the people an 2T 498.3

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