Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies for the Church, vol. 2, Page 539

in view and work earnestly, patiently, and lovingly for the present and future good of your children, having an eye single to the glory of God.


Chapter 63—Selfishness Rebuked

Dear Brother A,

Since the Illinois camp meeting, your case has pressed with weight upon my mind. As I recall some things shown me in regard to ministers, especially yourself, I am exceedingly distressed. At the meeting in Illinois I spoke especially upon the qualifications of a gospel minister. When I presented before the people the qualifications of a minister bearing the solemn message for these last days, much that I said applied to you, and I expected to hear some acknowledgment from you. Previous to my speaking, your wife talked with Sister Hall in regard to your discouragements. She said you did not know as it was your duty to preach; you had been unsettled in regard to your duty, and were discouraged, and did not enter into the work as you would if you felt settled. Sister Hall intimated to me that if I had a word of encouragement for you, your wife would be glad to have me say it. I told Sister Hall that I had not a word of encouragement to speak, and that if you were unsettled you would better wait until you knew your duty for yourself. I then spoke upon the qualifications of a minister of Christ; and, if I had fully performed my duty, I should have spoken definitely to you while in the stand. The presence of unbelievers was the only reason which deterred me.

In Minnesota I was again burdened in regard to the course of our ministers, by seeing Brother B and talking with him in regard to his defects which stood right in the way of his work for the salvation of souls. His course in caring for the

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