Ellen G. White Writings

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Ellen G. White: The Lonely Years: 1876-1891 (vol. 3), Page 156

All he would do would be criticized, and suspicions that had no foundation would be created if he did his best. And I should be held in the very same light by those who are on the doubting side of the Testimonies. I think that the future year's labor would be lost....

Now we shall leave for Colorado in a few weeks. I feel powerless to try to help anywhere. My husband's course, you well know, I have had no sympathy with. But at the same time if I speak the very things shown, it might appear that I was favoring his ideas. I feel sad, hedged in completely, and I will go away.... He has injured his influence, and if he goes now, others will take some responsibilities in regard to Battle Creek to set things in order....

As things now stand we can do nothing. We will take our things away. If James remains here he will take more or less responsibilities and he will become entangled in matters and things that he cannot help.—Letter 1, 1881.

But the proposed trip did not materialize. For Ellen it continued to be an almost prostrating situation. On April 19 she wrote to the children in the West:

I cannot see any way to help matters here at Battle Creek. I will not afflict my soul so much that I cannot do anything. I just wait and pray, doing my work in humbleness of mind and in quietness of spirit and say little about things. I have increased courage as I do this....

I dare not give counsel, even to my brethren. It is a perilous time. There was never such a state of things as now in Battle Creek. But we may be brought still lower before God will reach down His arm to lift us up. We need to feel and sense our weakness and feel our great need of help from God before help will come.

When one poor mortal will try to stand under heavy burdens as though he must carry them or everything perish, he will be crushed under them and find, after all, God did not want him to make himself the burden-bearer. But when we lay these burdens upon Jesus and then do what little we can in His strength and not feel that everything depends on us, we can keep serenity of

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