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Ellen G. White: The Lonely Years: 1876-1891 (vol. 3), Page 330

Chapter 26—(1885-1886) In Italy and Switzerland

There were some problems in Italy. Friday morning, November 20, 1885, just barely back home from her tour through the Scandinavian countries, Ellen White was approached by B. L. Whitney, president of the Central European Mission, with the suggestion that as soon as possible she accompany him to Torre Pellice to bolster the spirits of the few discouraged believers there. “Weary and worn from the arduous labors of our northern trip,” she wrote, “I would gladly have rested a few weeks in our home in Basel.”—Ibid., 226. But arrangements were made to start out again the coming Thursday, less than a week after reaching home. She wrote of the proposed trip to Willie, attending the General Conference session in Battle Creek:

We are thinking of taking the whole family along; of going into Brother Bourdeau's house and remaining a couple of months. We want the Lord to direct. It is cold as a barn here.... The very air seems as if I were breathing in air from a snowbank.—Letter 36, 1885.

But in the intervening days some things had to be done in Basel. First her living quarters needed to be made comfortable, regardless of the time when she would return from Italy. So Monday morning she directed her attention to that. She wrote:

Today I went down and selected one of those earthen stoves for my room, which is the parlor.... This stove is on the same principle as those white ones in Sweden, but this one we have

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