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Ellen G. White: The Lonely Years: 1876-1891 (vol. 3), Page 416

Chapter 32—(1888-1889) Taking the Message of Minneapolis to the Churches

With mixed emotions Ellen White traveled from Minneapolis to Battle Creek following the General Conference session. Her heart rejoiced with the precious revived truth of Christ our righteousness. Somewhat fearfully, however, she pondered what to expect in the attitude of the leaders residing in Battle Creek to whom the people looked. She did not have to wait long for the answer.

After an absence she would customarily fill the pulpit in the Tabernacle on her first Sabbath back in the city. This she was now invited to do. Two local elders from the church called on her Sabbath morning to inquire what her subject would be. Understanding well the intent of the question, she replied that this was a matter best left between her and the Lord. She urged the men to invite also A. T. Jones to speak soon in the Tabernacle. They replied they would have to check with Uriah Smith. “Then do this at once,” Ellen White urged, “for time is precious and there is a message to come to this people and the Lord requires you to open the way.”—Manuscript 30, 1889.

It was now clear that those whose hearts were fired with the light revived at Minneapolis would have to work around the prejudice of some of the leaders who had long resided in Battle Creek, and take the message to the churches. Even the church paper, the Review and Herald, would be of but little help under the circumstances.

And take it to the churches Ellen White and A. T. Jones did. Both began in the pulpit of the Battle Creek Tabernacle. In the normal order of things, meetings of one kind or another were held in the local conferences through the coming months. Further, by special

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