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Ellen G. White: The Lonely Years: 1876-1891 (vol. 3), Page 463

Chapter 35—(1890-1891) Five Months of Arduous Labor Yields Fruit

A back-page note in the Review and Herald of September 16, signed by the president of the General Conference, O. A. Olsen, informed the field of the plans that would involve Ellen White through the last months of 1890:

Elder W. C. White, Sister White, and Brother Chadwick will attend important meetings in District No. 1, viz., the annual meetings of the conference, and Tract and Missionary Society of the New England Conference; the same in the Atlantic Conference; the State meeting in Pennsylvania, and the Virginia Conference.—The Review and Herald, September 16, 1890.

Another notice on the same page gave dates. The schedule called for Ellen White and Sara McEnterfer, together with W. C. White, to leave Battle Creek on Thursday, evening, October 9, in order to fill appointments beginning at Adams Center, New York.

When she left Battle Creek she was not sure that she would be strong enough to move into a regular speaking program, going from one State meeting to another. But at Adams Center she soon discovered that with reasonable caution she could. So she usually spoke once each day of the week-long meetings. From Adams Center she hastened on to South Lancaster, Massachusetts.

Along with Sara and Willie, she was in South Lancaster for two weeks. Meetings were held at the church and with the students at the academy. Frequently she spoke to the delegates at this State meeting at the early-morning devotional and then another time during the day or in the evening.

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