Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 3 [Nos. 162-209], Page 157

were content to remain below. Returning home, Willie mounted a rock and spoke to us.

(Walling's Mills,) Monday, July 29, 1872—We enjoy this mountain air very much. My husband and myself walked out in the grove and had ... prayer. Spent considerable of the day in writing.... We knelt among the trees and prayed for heavenly guidance.

(Walling's Mills,) Tuesday, July 30, 1872—This morning we designed to go to Central City, about twelve miles. We purposed to take dinner on the way by the roadside. As we were preparing to start, the horses were found missing. Yesterday eve two hundred Indians passed through. Five horses of Mr. Walling's were missing; also his cow. It was thought the Indians might have stolen the horses. Mr. Walling threw off his coat, armed himself with two revolvers and a bowie knife, and in company with one of his men started on horseback to find the horses. We were disappointed in not eating our dinner by the roadside. We enjoyed our simple meal, however, very well. About two o'clock Mr. Walling came back, having found his horses and cow. He had no occasion to use his firearms, for which we were thankful.

(Colorado,) Thursday, August8, 1872—We had prayers in our tent then wrote until about eleven o'clock.... A company who were going over the snowy range to the Park came for milk.... All of them looked feeble.... We gave away some books. There seems to be great eagerness to get books in this rocky, mountainous country.

(Colorado,) Sabbath, August17, 1872—Attended meeting in afternoon and evening. My husband spoke in afternoon. I spoke in the evening. These

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