Ellen G. White Writings

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Selected Messages Book 3, Page 433

Appendix A

The Great Controversy—1911 Edition

A statement made by W. C. White before the General Conference Council, October 30, 1911.

Addressing the council, Elder W. C. White said:

“It is with pleasure that I present to you a statement regarding the latest English edition of Great Controversy.

“About two years ago, we were told that the electrotype plates for this book, in use at the Pacific Press, the Review and Herald, and the International Tract Society (London), were so worn that the book must be reset and new plates made. This work has been done at the Pacific Press. Four sets of plates were made—one for each of our offices in Washington, Mountain View, Nashville, and Watford.

“In a letter sent to the managers of our publishing houses, I wrote as follows, on July 24, 1911: [This is the same as the letter of the same date that was addressed to “Our General Missionary Agents.”]

“‘After taking counsel with ministers, canvassers, and other friends of the book, we thought best to reset the text so that the new edition would correspond as nearly as possible with the old. And although we could not use exactly the same type, the matter runs nearly page for page. Every chapter in the new edition begins and ends on the same pages as does the corresponding

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