Ellen G. White Writings

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Selected Messages Book 3, Page 276

Chapter 32—The 1863 Health Reform Vision

Pointed Questions Answered

Question on the Vision.—Did you receive your views upon health reform before visiting the Health Institute at Dansville, New York, [The most prominent of medical institutions in the United States featuring reforms in diet and in the treatment of the sick was at this time operated by Dr. James C. Jackson at Dansville, New York,—Compilers.] or before you had read works on the subject?

Answer—It was at the house of Bro. A. Hilliard, at Otsego, Mich., June 6, 1863, that the great subject of Health Reform was opened before me in vision.

I did not visit Dansville till August, 1864, fourteen months after I had the view. I did not read any works upon health until I had written Spiritual Gifts, volumes 3 and 4, Appeal to Mothers, and had sketched out most of my six articles in the six numbers of How to Live.

I did not know that such a paper existed as The Laws of Life, published at Dansville, N.Y. I had not heard of the several works upon health, written by Dr. J. C. Jackson, and other publications at Dansville, at the time I had the view named above. I did not know that such works existed until September, 1863, when in Boston,

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