Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies for the Church, vol. 3, Page 2

Table of Contents

The Times of Volume Three3
Testimony 21 (1872)
An Appeal for Burden Bearers9
Unsanctified Ability22
Unbalanced Minds32
   Opposing Adventists36
Intimate Friendship With Worldlings39
The Cause in New York48
   Relatives in the Church53
   Laborers for God56
Experience Not Reliable67
Faithfulness in Home Duties79
Pride and Vain Thoughts81
The Work at Battle Creek85
   Peculiar Trials95
Parables of the Lost99
   The Lost Sheep99
   The Lost Silver99
   The Prodigal Son100
Labor Among the Churches104
   The Gospel Sower111
   The Wheat and Tares113
To Wealthy Parents116
Testimony 22 (1872)
Proper Education131
   Close Confinement at School135
   Physical Decline of the Race138
   Importance of Home Training141
   Physical Labor for Students148
The Health Reform161
The Health Institute165
Danger of Applause185
Labor for the Erring186
The Sabbath School188
Laborers in the Office190
Love and Duty195
The Battle Creek Church197
Missionary Work202
Effect of Discussions212
Dangers and Duties of Youth221
Self-Caring Ministers227
Inordinate Love of Gain243
Testimony 23 (1873)
The Laodicean Church252
   Pointed Testimonies in the Church256
   Fighting the Spirit of God260
   Ahab's Case a Warning262
   Achan's Sin and Punishment263
   Duty to Reprove Sin265
   Covetousness Among God's People269
   Confessions Made Too Late271
   Elijah Reproves Ahab273
   The Sacrifice on Mount Carmel279
   Elijah's Humility287
   Elijah in Despondency288
Moses and Aaron293
To a Young Minister and His Wife304
   Pioneers in the Cause311
Testimony 24 (1875)
The Great Rebellion339
   Base Idolatry339
   The Tables of the Law Broken341
   The People Murmur342
   Korah, Dathan, and Abiram342
   Flattery and False Sympathy345
   Character Tested347
   The Rebels Perish349
   The Rebellion Not Cured351
   A Lesson for Our Time353
   Slighted Mercy355
   Despisers of Reproof358
Appeal to the Young362
   Faithful Abraham368
   Humiliation of Christ371
Tithes and Offerings381
Systematic Benevolence408
Individual Independence414
   Discussions to Be Avoided424
   The Authority of the Church428
Unity in the Church434
   Self-Confidence a Snare449
True Refinement in the Ministry459
Testimony 25 (1875)
Importance of the Work468
The State of the World471
The State of the Church474
Love of the World477
Power of Appetite485
Calls for Means510
Duty to the Unfortunate511
Man's Duty to His Fellow Men521
   Love and Sympathy at Home527
   Family Exclusiveness534
The Sin of Covetousness544
Industry in the Ministry551
Parents as Reformers560
“Cannot Come Down”570

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