Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies for the Church, vol. 3, Page 129

held Brother A B from helping his brother. These brothers should come up with renewed courage, shake themselves from the trials and discouragements which have held them at ----- and crippled their testimony, and should claim strength from the Mighty One. They should have borne a plain, free testimony to Brother X and Y, and urged the truth home, and done what they could to have these men make a proper distribution of their property. Brother A B, in taking so many burdens, is lessening his mental and physical strength.

If Brother C had been walking in the light for a few years past, he would have felt the value of souls. Had he been cultivating a love for the truth he might have been qualified to teach the truth to others. He might have helped Brother D B in his work with the tent. He might at least have taken the burdens of the church at home. If he had had love for his brethren, and been sanctified through the truth, he could have been a peacemaker instead of a stirrer-up of strife, which, united with other difficulties, called Brother A B from his brother's side at a most important time and resulted in Brother D B's laboring far beyond his strength. And yet, after Brother D B had done all that he could, the work was not accomplished that might have been had there been the interest there should have been in ----- to supply help when it was so much needed. A fearful responsibility rests upon that church for their neglect of duty.

I was shown that Brother X's course in dividing his property among his children was shifting the responsibility upon them which he should not have laid off. He now sees that the result of this course has brought to him no increase of affection from his children. They have not felt under obligation to their parents for what they have done for them. These children were young and inexperienced. They were not qualified to bear the responsibility laid upon them. Their hearts were unconsecrated, and true friends were looked upon by them as designing enemies, while those who would separate very friends were accepted. These agents of Satan were continually suggesting false ideas to the minds of these young men, and

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