Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies for the Church, vol. 3, Page 177

He should preserve his strength, that with his experienced judgment he can direct others what to do. This is necessary in order for him to maintain a position of influence in the Institute. His experience in managing with wisdom and economy is valuable. But he is in danger of separating his interest too much from his family, of becoming too much absorbed in the Institute, and of taking too many burdens upon himself, as my husband has done. My husband's interest for the Health Institute, the Publishing Association, and the cause generally was so great that he broke down and has been compelled to retire from the work for a time, when, had he done less for these institutions and divided his interest with his family, he would not have had a constant strain in one direction, and would have preserved his strength to continue his labors uninterruptedly. Brother A is the man for the place. But he should not do as my husband has done, even if matters are not in as prosperous a condition as if he devoted his entire energies to them. God does not require either my husband or Brother A to deprive himself of social family enjoyment, to divorce himself from home and family, even for the interest of these important institutions.

During the past three or four years several have had an interest for the Health Institute and have made efforts to place it in a better condition. But some have lacked discernment and experience. As long as Brother A acts an unselfish part and clings to God, He will be his helper and his counselor.

The physicians of the Health Institute should not feel compelled to do work that helpers can do. They should not serve in the bathroom or in the movement room, expending their vitality in doing what others might do. There should be no lack of helpers to nurse the sick and to watch with the feeble ones who need watchers. The physicians should reserve their strength for the successful performance of their professional duties. They should tell others what to do. If there is a want of those whom they can trust to do these things, suitable

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