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Ellen G. White: The Australian Years: 1891-1900 (vol. 4), Page 188

Chapter 17—(1895) Tasmania—The Convention and the Wedding

I am going to the convention in Tasmania, “wrote Ellen White to her son Edson,” and to witness and participate in the marriage of my son Willie to a noble Christian woman.... If Providence favors, you will have a sister of whom you will be proud.”—Letter 92b, 1895.

The convention, according to an announcement in the Bible Echo, would be the first meeting of its kind to be conducted in that colony. It would be held in Hobart, April 26 to May 6, 1895, and would include instruction on the duties of church officers and members, evening discourses on religious liberty, lessons on various lines of missionary work, and practical instruction given by Mrs. White. The announcement urged, “Let no ordinary obstacle keep you from the meeting.”—April 22, 1895.

W. C. White was in New Zealand, accompanied by Elder and Mrs. Corliss and W. A. Colcord, conducting a camp meeting and visiting the churches. From there he would go directly to Tasmania. Ellen White hesitated at first as to whether she should accompany May Lacey, her prospective daughter-in-law, to Hobart, her home city, and at the same time assist at the convention. To Edson she wrote on March 21:

I hope I shall soon feel decided in regard to what my duty is concerning visiting Tasmania. I am still questioning concerning the matter. May and her father both wish that I would go. If the “Life of Christ” were finished, and if my heart had gained its normal strength, I might feel clearer about visiting Tasmania.—Letter 92a, 1895.

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