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Ellen G. White: The Australian Years: 1891-1900 (vol. 4), Page 228

Chapter 19—(1895) Travels in the Last Few Weeks of 1895

Lord, help me,” Ellen White cried out in prayer Friday morning, October 11, 1895, as she tossed sleeplessly on her pillow in her Granville home. She was suffering weakness, physical and mental exhaustion. Discouragement swept over her. She was wrestling with the decision as to whether she should attend the third Australian camp meeting to be held in Melbourne a week later. Would she be able to go? Would she be able to preach if she did go? It was past the midnight hour, and she had just conversed with God:

Lord, help me. I am determined to cast my helpless soul upon Thee. Satan is the destroyer. Christ is the Restorer. This is Thy word to me. I will try to walk by faith.

The appointments have been made for me to go [on Sabbath] to Sydney, and in order to do this I must go with my horse and carriage, to save any confusion and unfit me to speak. If it is Thy will that I attend the Melbourne meeting, strengthen me to ride twelve miles to Sydney and bear my testimony and strengthen me to give the dedicatory talk [at Ashfield] on Sunday.—Letter 114, 1895.

As she had done so many times before, she decided to move out by faith. Sabbath morning, feeling confident in making this test that the Lord would be her helper and that strength would come, she started on the twelve-mile drive to the city. A day or two later she wrote of the experience to Edson:

The way was long, but I went trusting in God, and while

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