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Ellen G. White: The Australian Years: 1891-1900 (vol. 4), Page 352

Chapter 30—(1898) Divine Guidance in Important Moves

The Lord is giving to His people a rich treasure of light and instruction regarding the work they are to do, and the way to do it.” So wrote W. C. White to a church leader in America. He continued, “Almost daily He speaks to Mother in the night about how the work is being done, and how it ought to be done. And she is told to bear her testimony to His people.”—WCW to I. H. Evans, June 6, 1898 (12 WCW, p. 48).

He had expressed much the same thought to A. G. Daniells a month earlier as he wrote:

Day by day and night by night the situation is presented to Mother. She is prepared to give us counsel much, much needed, and I think very much appreciated. She tells us plainly that we have not too many teachers and that we cannot afford to cut down our teaching force, but that it is our duty to fit ourselves to the work, so that everyone's labor will count.

She tells us that we are presented to her as separate, independent threads, standing apart, whereas we ought to unite our energies one with another, and all be woven together as a perfect web. Mother is giving us precious information regarding the importance of organization and the necessity of making every feature of our work educational.—11a WCW, p. 669.

A thoughtful reading of the above suggests the presence of problems in relationships in the working force at Avondale. They were not to be “independent threads, standing apart.” Considering the diverse nature of the personalities and the experience, and the

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