Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 4 [Nos. 210-259], Page 439

MR No. 256—Labor in Unity

The work committed to us by the Lord will advance rapidly only when we labor in unity.... “Yes,” says one, “this is exactly what I believe in—consolidation.” But Christian unity is not what the world calls consolidation. Unity among brethren results in consolidation with Christ and with the heavenly angels. Such consolidation is heaven-born.—Letter 67, 1903, p. 1. (To “Our Brethren Assembled at the Medical Missionary Council at Battle Creek,” April 23, 1903.)

During the past night I have been in conversation with you; and several of the responsible men were present. There were propositions made for the conference to consolidate the Pacific Press with the publishing house at Battle Creek. Said Brother Olsen, “We want to hear from Sister White on this subject if she has any light from the Lord.” I then repeated that which I have written.... I stated that the Pacific Press Publishing House was to stand independent as far as its workings are concerned. It must preserve its individuality, and not become one with the institution at Battle Creek. Unfortunately, it has in some respects followed in its tread, feeling that it must do this, but as far as Brother C. H. Jones has done this in adopting their methods of dealing, and in other lines, which I cannot now enumerate, he has weakened his influence, and has not received the approval of God.

Warnings have been given me that it is not wise to consolidate the Pacific Press with the R&H Publishing House. Time will convince all that this matter is too serious a thing to be trifled with. The Battle Creek

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