Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 4 [Nos. 210-259], Page 376

MR No. 244—Sanitariums

The Lord has presented before me very many fields in which we have no sanitariums. Medical institutions are to be established in many places. In every city the gospel of Christ is to be proclaimed. The brethren in charge of the work should now be making arrangements to do the work that must be done in places where nothing has been done. Camp meetings must be held to open the way for our workers. In all our camp meetings earnest efforts should be made to arouse the people. The best ministerial talent must be obtained for these meetings. The third angel's message is to be presented in its fullness, including the testing truths of the Sabbath question.

In our camp meetings let the people who are unacquainted with the truth be taught in regard to the revelation that Christ came to the world to give to His servant John on the Isle of Patmos.—Letter 110, 1902, p. 3. (To Dr. David Paulson, July 7, 1902.)

The pure, living principles of the gospel are to be respected. God has a people in His church who are laboring just as disinterestedly to save sinners, as the medical missionary workers have been laboring. He calls upon His medical missionary workers to labor unitedly with His church, and not to allow any physician to control their efforts by His authority. The Lord now calls upon His people to unify. Let all our medical missionaries unite with our ministers in soul-saving work.—Letter 220, 1903, p. 9. (To Dr. David Paulson, October 14, 1903.)

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