Ellen G. White Writings

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Spiritual Gifts, vol. 4b, Page 152

tendency of which was to bring all down upon a low level. This was considered by many humility. But if their peculiar views were opposed, they would fly in a moment, and accuse those who did not agree with their ideas of things, of being proud, and of resisting the truth and the power of God. They would manifest an overbearing spirit.

Holy angels have been displeased and disgusted with the irreverent manner in which they have used the name of God, the great Jehovah. Angels mention that sacred name with the greatest awe, ever veiling their faces when they speak the name of God. The name of Christ is so sacred to them they speak it with the greatest reverence. But how opposite the spirit and influence attending the 1854 time movement. Some who are still under the same influence speak of God as they would of a horse, or of any common-place thing. In their prayers they use the words God Almighty very common and irreverently. Those who do this have no sense of the exalted character of God, of Christ, or of heavenly things.

I was shown that when God sent his angels anciently to minister or communicate to individuals, when they learned that it was an angel they had seen and talked with, they were struck with awe, and were afraid that they should die. They had such exalted views of the terrible majesty and power of God, they thought to be brought into such close connection with one direct from his holy presence, would destroy them. I was referred to Judges 6:22, 23; 13:21, 22; Joshua 5:13-15. If angels were thus feared and honored because they came from the presence of God, with how much greater reverence should God be regarded? Many of those who have been converted through the influence of the 1854 movement, need to be converted anew. This class must unlearn before they can learn aright, else the poisonous weeds of error will grow rank, and root out the precious seeds of truth.

The only remedy for the East is thorough discipline and organization. A spirit of fanaticism has ruled a

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