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SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 5 (EGW), Page 1123

hatred of reproof, will stir up satanic influences. Principalities and powers, the rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places will unite in a desperate companionship. They will be leagued against God in the person of His saints. By misrepresentation and falsehood they will demoralize both men and women who to all appearances believe the truth. False witnesses will not be wanting in this terrible work [Luke 21:16-19 quoted] (Manuscript 40, 1897). 5BC 1122.12

20. Scenes to Be Repeated—After speaking of the end of the world, Jesus comes back to Jerusalem, the city then sitting in pride and arrogance, and saying, “I sit a queen, ... and shall see no sorrow.” As His prophetic eye rested upon Jerusalem, He sees that as she was given up to destruction, the world will be given up to its doom. The scenes that transpired at the destruction of Jerusalem will be repeated at the great and terrible day of the Lord, but in a more fearful manner (Manuscript 40, 1897). 5BC 1123.1

Chapter 22

1, 2. See EGW on Matthew 26:3. 5BC 1123.2

3-5 (Matthew 26:14-16; Mark 14:10, 11; John 13:2, 27). Christ Purchased by Temple Money—At the Passover the case of Judas was decided. Satan took control of heart and mind. He thought that Christ was either to be crucified, or would have to deliver Himself out of the hands of His enemies. At all events, he would make something out of the transaction, and make a sharp bargain by betraying his Lord. He went to the priests and offered to aid them in searching for Him who was accounted the troubler of Israel. Thus it was that the Lord was sold as a slave, purchased by the temple money used for the buying of the sacrifices (The Signs of the Times, December 17, 1912, reprinted from The Signs of the Times, December 24, 1894). 5BC 1123.3

31, 32. See EGW on Matthew 16:22, 23. 5BC 1123.4

31-34 (Matthew 26:31-35; Mark 14:29-31). Peter Tempted the Devil—[Luke 22:31 quoted.] How true was the Saviour's friendship for Peter! how compassionate His warning! But the warning was resented. In self-sufficiency Peter declared confidently that he would never do what Christ had warned him against. “Lord,” he said, “I am ready to go with thee to prison and to death.” His self-confidence proved his ruin. He tempted Satan to tempt him, and he fell under the arts of the wily foe. When Christ needed him most, he stood on the side of the enemy, and openly denied his Lord (Manuscript 115, 1902). 5BC 1123.5

39-46. See EGW on Matthew 26:36-46. 5BC 1123.6

42 (Matthew 26:42; Mark 14:36; see EGW on Romans 8:11). Father Is Beside Every Struggling Soul—Christ conquered by divine strength, and so must every tempted soul overcome. God was with Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, and by the experience of Christ we are to learn to trust our heavenly Father; at all times and in all places we are to believe that He is tender, true, and faithful, able to keep that which is committed to His care. In the agonizing struggle of Christ, our Substitute and Surety, the Father was beside His son, and He is beside every soul that struggles with discouragement and difficulty (Letter 106, 1896). 5BC 1123.7

42, 43. Gabriel Strengthened Christ—In the supreme crisis, when heart and soul are breaking under the load of sin, Gabriel is sent to strengthen the divine sufferer, and brace Him to tread His bloodstained path. And while the angel supports His fainting form, Christ takes the bitter cup, and consents to drink its contents. Before the suffering One comes up the wail of a lost and perishing world, and the words come from the blood-stained lips, “Nevertheless, if man must perish unless I drink this bitter cup, Thy will, not Mine, be done” (The Signs of the Times, December 9, 1897). 5BC 1123.8

43. Life Hid in Christ Cannot Be Touched—The strength given to Christ in the hour of bodily suffering and mental anguish in the Garden of Gethsemane, has been and will be given to those who suffer for His dear name's sake. The same grace given to Jesus, the same comfort, the more than mortal steadfastness, will be given to every believing child of God, who is brought into perplexity and suffering, and threatened with imprisonment and death, by Satan's agents. Never has a soul that trusts in Christ been left to perish. The rack, the stake, the many inventions of 5BC 1123.9

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