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SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 5 (EGW), Page 1136

the ideas suggested by His enemies. But the Saviour did not answer the cruel sarcasm with words of like character. He pitied the spiritual ignorance of His brethren, and longed to give them a clear understanding of His mission (Manuscript 33, 1911). 5BC 1135.10

1-53. See EGW on Exodus 23:16. 5BC 1136.1

16. Rescued From Error—“Jesus answered them, and said, My doctrine is not mine, but his that sent me.” My words are in perfect harmony with the Old Testament Scriptures, and with the law spoken from Sinai. I am not preaching a new doctrine. I am presenting old truths rescued from the framework of error, and placed in a new setting (Manuscript 33, 1911). 5BC 1136.2

41, 50-52. Priests and Rulers Deceived—[John 7:51 quoted.] The lesson that Christ had given to Nicodemus had not been in vain. Conviction had fastened upon his mind, and in his heart he had accepted Jesus. Since his interview with the Saviour, he had earnestly searched the Old Testament Scriptures, and he had seen truth placed in the true setting of the gospel. 5BC 1136.3

The question asked by him was wise, and would have commended itself to those presiding at the council had they not been deceived by the enemy. But they were so filled with prejudice that no argument in favor of Jesus of Nazareth, however convincing, had any weight with them. The answer that Nicodemus received, was, “Art thou also of Galilee? Search, and look: for out of Galilee ariseth no prophet.” 5BC 1136.4

The priests and rulers had been deceived, as Satan meant them to be, into believing that Christ came out of Galilee. Some who knew that he was born in Bethlehem, kept silent, that the falsehood might not be robbed of its power (Manuscript 33, 1911). 5BC 1136.5

Chapter 8

31-38. Some Under Satan's Training—[John 8:31-37 quoted.] What stern truth is here spoken. How many there are who boast that they are not in bondage to any one, when they are bound to the most cruel of all tyrants. They have placed themselves under Satan's training, and they treat God's people as he directs them to. How many there are who hear the word of truth, but hate the message and the messenger, because the truth disturbs them in their deceptive practices! 5BC 1136.6

“I speak that which I have seen with my Father,” Christ continued, “and ye do that which ye have seen with your father.” Two classes are plainly brought to view in these words—the children of light, who obey the truth, and the children of darkness, who reject the truth (Manuscript 136, 1899). 5BC 1136.7

44 (see EGW on Genesis 2:17; Malachi 4:1). Satan's Masterpiece—The forces of the powers of darkness will unite with human agents who have given themselves unto the control of Satan, and the same scenes that were exhibited at the trial, rejection and crucifixion of Christ will be revived. Through yielding to satanic influences men will be merged into fiends, and those who were created in the image of God, who were formed to honor and glorify their Creator, will become the habitation of dragons, and Satan will see in an apostate race his masterpiece of evil—men who reflect his own image (Manuscript 39, 1894). 5BC 1136.8

Devilish Songs—When a soul is captured from the ranks of Christ the synagogue of Satan sing in hellish triumph (Letter 12a, 1893). 5BC 1136.9

Chapter 10

2-5. See EGW on Matthew 24:23, 24. 5BC 1136.10

4. See EGW on 2 Corinthians 11:14. 5BC 1136.11

17, 18 (Isaiah 6:8; Philippians 2:6-8; see EGW on Mark 16:6). Christ Man's Surety—Not one of the angels could have become surety for the human race: their life is God's; they could not surrender it. The angels all wear the yoke of obedience. They are the appointed messengers of Him who is the Commander of all heaven. But Christ is equal with God, infinite and omnipotent. He could pay the ransom for man's freedom. He is the eternal self-existing Son, on whom no yoke had come; and when God asked, “Whom shall I send?” He could reply, “Here am I; send Me.” He could pledge Himself to become man's surety; for He could say that which the highest angel could not say,—I have power over My own life, “power to lay it down, and ... power to take it again” (The Youth's Instructor, June 21, 1900). 5BC 1136.12

18. See EGW on ch. 1:4; 20:17. 5BC 1136.13

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