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Ellen G. White: The Early Elmshaven Years: 1900-1905 (vol. 5), Page 111

Chapter 8—The Extended Journey Home

Following the close of the General Conference session of 1901, Ellen White spent another full week in Battle Creek. She addressed the Sanitarium patients on Friday, April 26. She preached again in the Tabernacle the next morning. On Sunday night a vision was given to her concerning the course of action being followed by Dr. Kellogg. Her attention was called to the Battle Creek Sanitarium, particularly as it had to do with binding those who gained their training there with contracts that called for long periods of sacrificial service. She slept only an hour that night.

On Monday she went to visit Judge Arthur and his family. He was an attorney who gave his time largely to the work of the institutions in Battle Creek, but he was ill at home. When Ellen White called at his home, he sent to the school for his children to come so that they might be present for the visit. As she was engaged in prayer in the Arthur home, seeking God's special blessing upon the judge and his family, she herself was greatly blessed. Of this she later wrote:

While praying at his bedside, the Lord came very near, and I was blessed indeed. After that I felt renewed, soul and body.... The peace of Christ filled my heart. I did not feel at all weary.—Letter 70, 1901.

A few days after this experience she said:

I feel as though I had been resting for a month. This is the Lord's doing.— Ibid.

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