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Ellen G. White: The Early Elmshaven Years: 1900-1905 (vol. 5), Page 236

Chapter 17—Preparing for the 1903 General Conference

Oakland, California, was chosen as the site for the 1903 General Conference session. The date for the session to open was set for Friday, March 27; it would run through a third Sabbath. Meetings would be held in the Oakland church. Delegates would stay largely in the homes of our church members, and would breakfast with their hosts. A large tent was pitched across the street from the church, where noon and evening meals would be served by the staff of the San Francisco vegetarian restaurant.

This session would be different from any that had preceded it. With the new union conferences functioning well, many matters that normally would come to the General Conference were being handled by union conference committees.

It was planned that this session would be “more a council of leading workers than an occasion for instructing the multitude” (20 WCW, p. 381).

This would allow the rank and file of denominational workers to continue their labor in the field. There would be fewer delegates than assembled for the 1901 session at Battle Creek—initial provision called for 134.

This was the first General Conference session under the new constitution that had been adopted two years before. Not only was the plan for union conferences working well, but the various corporations and associations were being developed into departments under the direction of the General Conference Committee.

One weakness in the 1901 constitution had been early discovered,

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