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Ellen G. White: The Early Elmshaven Years: 1900-1905 (vol. 5), Page 243

Chapter 18—The 1903 General Conference Session

At Two-Thirty Friday afternoon, March 27, Elder A. G. Daniells called the thirty-fifth General Conference session to order (Ibid., 1903, 1). Although only eighty-eight delegates were present that Friday afternoon, the session opened in normal fashion. The union conferences for which provision had been made two years before were taken into the conference, and also twenty-three local conferences around the world.

The meetings on Sabbath and Sunday were devoted to the three angels’ messages and the finishing of the work of God in the world. Ellen White spoke on Sabbath morning. Her sermon was followed in the afternoon by Elder G. A. Irwin's address on “The Song of Victory.” Elder Daniells spoke in the evening on “Our Time, Our Work, and Opening Providences.” Thus the session was off to a wholesome start.

The business of the conference proper began Monday morning at nine-thirty. After a roll call of the delegates, the chairman, Elder Daniells, gave his address. In his opening remarks he spoke of the efficient functioning of the union conferences and observed, “Scores of men are now getting the experience of burden-bearing that was previously confined to comparatively few.”—Ibid., 18.

He then introduced the very difficult financial situation in which he found the denomination, and the security of its institutions. Speaking of God's leadings through the Spirit of Prophecy, he stated that “another phase of reform to which this people were called was to arise and roll away the reproach of debt that rested so

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