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Ellen G. White: The Early Elmshaven Years: 1900-1905 (vol. 5), Page 359

Chapter 28—Sanitariums in Southern California

When Ellen White returned to the United States from Australia in 1900, she carried in her heart the memory of visions given her in which she was shown that the time had come to establish sanitariums in southern California. With a widening knowledge of the advantages of southern California from a health standpoint because of its sunshine and warm climate, the area was becoming more and more popular for those who sought relief from the cold winters of the East and from their physical ailments.

After she reached America, visions relating to this matter were repeated to her. On October 13, 1902, she wrote:

I have been instructed that the work in southern California should have advantages that it has not yet enjoyed. I have been shown that in southern California there are properties for sale on which buildings are already erected that could be utilized for our work, and that such properties will be offered to us at much less than their original cost.—Letter 157, 1902 (Special Testimonies, Series B 14:6).

In these places, away from the din and confusion of the congested cities, we can establish sanitariums in which the sick can be cared for in the way in which God designs them to be.— Ibid.

She wrote of the light that had been given her concerning the confusion and violence and crime that would increase, especially in the cities. She declared:

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