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Ellen G. White: The Early Elmshaven Years: 1900-1905 (vol. 5), Page 372

Chapter 29—Glendale, a Sanitarium Near Los Angeles

At Glendale, Elder J. A. Burden was leading out in the establishment of a second sanitarium in southern California. He was the manager of the St. Helena Sanitarium when Ellen White returned from Australia in late 1900. Shortly, however, he responded to a call to Australia to help lead out in the establishment of institutions there.

Dr. Daniel Kress was in charge of the church's Australian medical work. His wife, also a physician, worked by his side. The Kresses had some strong opinions as to how the medical work of Seventh-day Adventists should be conducted, and it seems that this was not quite the perspective that the Burdens entertained. There was some friction, and in the third year of his service in Australia Ellen White wrote to Elder Burden that although she did not have any special light on the question, he could, if he felt his work in Australia was done, be used in southern California (Letter 252, 1903).

The Burdens returned to the States in February, 1904. He picked up the words from Ellen White's pen that “a sanitarium should be established near Los Angeles” and “it is the expressed will of God that this shall be done.”—Letter 211, 1904. To Burden, this was a challenge. He knew that she had also written:

I have been unable to sleep after half past eleven at night. Many things, in figures and symbols, are passing before me. There are sanitariums in running order near Los Angeles.... As in the vision of the night I saw the grounds, I said, “O ye of little

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