Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346], Page 179

Our people are desirous of showing what a campground can be and should be. I think they will make a success of it.

It is nearly one week now before the camp meeting commences. Next Thursday I shall have my tent upon the ground.... I cannot sleep nights. My heart is drawn out in prayer to God for a fitness for the work. He will hear; He will answer. I shall be imbued with His Spirit. I shall be strengthened by His might. I have not a doubt of it. Work! I need not cross the plains to find it. It is heaping up everywhere. The harvest is ripe for the sickle and so few laborers. I have no course to mark out for you, not even a suggestion to make. I leave you with your God. Seek His counsel and all will be well. You need have no fears that my judgment or ideas shall conflict with yours. God will teach us. Trust in Him. But my work must be here on the Coast till I get marching orders.—Letter 31, 1878, pp. 2, 4. (To “Dear Husband,” June 20, 1878.)

It has cost considerable labor to take a forest and prepare it for a campground, making it attractive and beautiful; but this has been done here. It is the admiration of all who look upon it. The man owning the ground has promised them the land for five years without cost to them, in consideration of the work done to prepare it. The trees are fir and tower up high like the redwood trees of California, only more beautiful in foliage. Some oak and walnut are interspersed. White pine here reminds me of Maine. The very atmosphere is fragrant with the perfume of these evergreen trees.

One day of our meeting is already in the past and soon the first camp meeting in Oregon will be ended. Will there be souls saved as the result of

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