Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346], Page 397

and certain decay. Self-abuse is killing thousands and tens of thousands.—Letter 30, 1870. (To Dr. and Sister Lay, February 13, 1870.)

We visited Dr. Lewis.... We think him near insanity. He has a house in which he has put two hundred and thirty thousand dollars and he is yet making improvements. We stepped into apparently a little bedroom, four by six, sat upon a nice sofa, and were hoisted by an elevator up four stories to Dr. Lewis’ room; and yet there were four stories above the doctor's rooms. We could look all over Boston. The doctor has been engaged in business so long that he has a diseased brain. He told us frankly all about his condition. I think this statement of his case helped father. It certainly explained things to me I had not before understood. I see that we must all be more careful of our words and actions when father is overwhelmed with care.—Letter 15, 1871. (To Edson and Emma White, November 15, 1871.)

We visited Dio Lewis and found him an overworked man. He is liberal, open-hearted, and frank. The doctor has been overworking his brain. Your father enjoys the change. He resolves now not to confine himself so closely to Battle Creek. We have had excellent meetings.—Letter 15a, 1871. (To Edson and Emma White, November 15, 1871.)

I wish to say to you, my children, live near to God. Do not follow the example of anyone. Christ is your pattern. Maintain a life of conscientiousness, of faithfulness, of watchfulness and prayer. In regard to your going to Trall's, you must rely upon your own resources as much as

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