Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346], Page 10

is hard to break up. They know little of the depths of their own natural corruption, or of the infinite holiness of God. They do not realize that the foundation of all their faith and hope should only be the perfection of Jesus our surety. The only genuine saving faith is that which lays hold upon the imputed righteousness of Christ. He is the only source of virtue, of spiritual power and life. Each must have a knowledge of God for himself, must have faith in Jesus Christ whom God hath sent. When the members of the church have this experience Christian virtues will shine forth, and they will be clothed with humility. The fruit of this faith will be love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness and goodness, and the object of their lives will be to glorify God day by day.

In looking upon the professed followers of Christ you see great deficiencies in the church, in families, and individuals: but you cannot make one soul clean. We must look to our High Priest, who ever liveth to make intercession for us. Thank God that human agents are not constrained to wear the official breastplate. Jesus is able to bear it. He is able to bear all your burdens. You are invited to cast all your care upon Him. He will be your counselor, your everlasting support. The enemy is working with all deceivableness of unrighteousness: but you must gird yourself with Christ's righteousness, and tell your experience that others may be benefited. Suffer not this or that event, the want of piety in professors, the lack of godly work in those connected with the cause of God confuse and startle you. You have the word of God, take it, believe it, plant your feet upon it, and you will find it is solid rock. In Christ you may stand firmly.

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