Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346], Page 111

The great earthquake of San Francisco is to be followed by earthquakes in other places. We need not be surprised if after a time Oakland should become so wicked that calamities will fall on this city also.—Letter 10, 1907, p. 2. (To the members of the Oakland church, January 18, 1907.)

I trust that our brethren will build a humble house of worship in Oakland, for we have every reason to believe from the present record of San Francisco's crimes, and of the murders and robberies that are being committed in Oakland, that another visitation will come to San Francisco, and that calamity will fall on Oakland also.—Letter 90, 1907, p. 2. (To Edson and Emma White, March 10, 1907.)

The light given me is that the wickedness in the cities of San Francisco and Oakland is beyond all imagination. God's wrath is upon many of the inhabitants of these cities. San Francisco has been visited with heavy judgments, but Oakland has been thus far mercifully spared. The time will come when our labor in these places will be cut short, therefore it is important that earnest efforts be put forth now to proclaim to their inhabitants the message of the Lord for them.—Manuscript 25, 1908, 2. (“A Plea for Aggressive Work,” typed May 5, 1908.)

I feel sure that San Francisco and Oakland will again be visited with the judgments of God.—Letter 2, 1909, p. 3. (To Mrs. Josephine Gotzian, January 1, 1909.)

Released December 10, 1971.

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