Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346], Page 130

MR No. 293—The Relation of Ministers and Physicians

It is as much required by God that His followers shall in the medical profession reveal the spirit of Christ in harmonizing in their work as that the ministers of the gospel shall harmonize in their labors for the salvation of souls. This independence to do every one as appears right in his own eyes is after satanic order, but not after Christ. There is need of thorough order and all after Christ, in the medical profession.—Letter 11c, 1892, p. 2. (To S. N. Haskell, February 11, 1892.) 5MR 130.1

Both men and women can be so much more useful as medical missionaries than as missionaries with the medical education. I am more and more impressed with the fact that a more decided testimony must be borne upon this subject, that more direct efforts must be made to interest the proper persons, setting before them the advantages that every missionary will have in understanding how to treat those who are diseased in body, as well as to minister to sin-sick souls. 5MR 130.2

This double ministration will give the laborer together with God access to homes and will enable him to reach all classes of society. An intelligent knowledge of how to treat disease upon hygienic principles will gain the confidence of many who otherwise would not be reached with the truth. In affliction many are humbled in spirit, and words in favor of the truth spoken to them in tenderness by one who is seeking to alleviate physical sufferings, may touch the heart. Prayer, short, weighted with tenderest sympathy, presenting the suffering ones in a faith to the Great Physician will inspire 5MR 130.3

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