Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346], Page 139

MR No. 295—Ellen White Comments on Her Work and Inspiration

I have tried to do my duty to you and to the Lord Jesus, whom I serve and whose cause I love. The testimonies I have borne you have in truth been presented to me by the Lord. I am sorry that you have rejected the light given.... 5MR 139.1

Are you betraying your Lord, because, in His great mercy, He has shown you just where you are standing spiritually? He knows every purpose of the heart. Nothing is hid from Him. It is not me that you are betraying. It is not me that you are so embittered against. It is the Lord, who has given me a message to bear to you.—Letter 66, 1897, pp. 1, 2. (To Brother A. R. Henry, August—, 1897.) 5MR 139.2

I have answered your letter, but did not send you what I wrote, because I knew that for some time you have been under temptation, and that anything I might say would be liable to be misconstrued, and would not have the influence upon your mind that would relieve your feelings. Nothing I can say will be of value to you as long as you have not an understanding of the work the Lord has given me to do.—Letter 32, 1899, p. 1. (To Mr. and Mrs. Muckersey, typed February 14, 1899.) 5MR 139.3

I am often shown families and individuals and, when I have an opportunity with those who are acquainted with them, I make inquiry how that family is standing for the purpose of ascertaining if ministers or people have any knowledge of the existing evils. This was the fact in the case 5MR 139.4

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