Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346], Page 155

of their discipline here. All the time they are being educated they can carry through that spirit.

“No one is going to drive me to be religious, I am not religiously inclined,” they will say. Well, it is no honor to you. It is a shame to everyone who takes that position. Who gives you breath? Who keeps the human machinery in motion? Who is it that you are dependent on for every breath you draw? You may feel you are going to be independent, but you cannot be independent and live. Not one. The trouble is that every soul, every individual is dependent upon God, not only for the breath that you draw and the food which you eat; you are dependent upon God for everything.—Manuscript 163, 1898, 1, 2. (Address by Mrs. E. G. White to Echo employees, April 14, 1898.)

In the days of Christ the Scribes and Pharisees searched the Old Testament Scriptures. But they interpreted what they read to sustain their tradition. They taught for doctrine the commandments of men. They failed to see the central truth of the living oracles; and in missing this, they missed everything. When Christ came, they refused to receive Him, because He was different from their idea of what the Messiah should be. Divided on most points, they were united on one point—opposition to Christ.—Manuscript 22, 1890, 3, 4. (Diary, January 10—March 1, 1890.)

Released March 23, 1972.

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