Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346], Page 157

MR No. 297—Miscellaneous Manuscript Items

Ellen White and Australia—When I left Australia, I really thought that I might be back in two years. But I may never see Australia again, though, if it were the Lord's will, it is the place where I should most prefer to be. I am closely joined to that field by the most tender associations. I love the brethren and sisters there, and were I younger in years, I would certainly return to the field I love so well.—Letter 113, 1902, p. 5. (To G. A. Irwin, June 15, 1902.) 5MR 157.1

Ellen White's Visit to Copenhagen, Denmark—[In Copenhagen] there are flowers rich and rare in many of the windows of the stores. From our sleeping room we see a clear lake—artificial. We look down upon the roofs of houses, for we are far up in the world. 5MR 157.2

A short distance from this is a hospital where the sick, wounded, and diseased are taken and provided with everything—room, food, bedding—for thirty cents per day. This is one of Copenhagen's great blessings, especially for the poorer classes, who must suffer with want of proper care and conveniences if it were not for this merciful provision for rich and poor and suffering humanity in general. We see here the hand organs and strolling musicians seeking to gain a few pence by their music.... 5MR 157.3

There is an appointment out for me tonight. We descend the many steps, turn the corner of the block, then pass under an arch into a court and begin to ascend until we mount four pairs of stairs into the hall.... 5MR 157.4

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