Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346], Page 162

way of salvation be presented before them in simplicity, just as plainly as you would speak to a little child, Lift up Jesus as the sinner's only hope.—Letter 23a, 1893, pp. 9, 10. (To Brother E. H. Gates, January 10, 1893.)

If Bible workers can by wisdom reach the higher classes, it is their duty to do this! They are not to turn away from the necessities of the lower classes, and neither are they to neglect to make any effort to reach the higher classes....

God wants workers who can carry the truth to all classes, high and low, rich and poor. In this work women may act an important part. God grant that those who read these words may put forth earnest efforts to present an open door for consecrated women to enter the field. Those who in their lifework have not come into contact with the higher classes of society, need not feel that they cannot do the work. It is not eloquence that makes their work acceptable. It is through the human and contrite that the Lord works. The dignified and self-sufficient cannot touch or help needy souls.—Manuscript 43a, 1898, pp. 7, 8. (“The Laborer Is Worthy of His Hire,” typed March 22, 1898.)

It is not after the work of Christ to cast the net for the most objectionable class of fish. Efforts can be made for both classes. Our labors for those who have ability and talents should be more earnest and decided; for these, if converted, will become channels of light. If the medical-missionary work is carried forward as it should be, there will be many conversions among the higher classes. Men whose characters have been depraved, and evil and only evil continually, are not the ones whom God can

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