Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346], Page 164

MR No. 299—The Amadon Family

Brother Amadon knows something of our early experiences. He was a member of my family. I am sure that he remembers many of the strait places through which we passed. I am glad that Brother Amadon is now engaged in the Southern work. You may strengthen one another in the most holy faith. Each one is to stand in his lot and place.—Letter 262, 1903, p. 4. (To our ministers and other workers in the Southern States,” November 24, 1903.)

Brother Amadon has been connected with the Review office from its first establishment. Those who labored in the cause from the first, knew what it was to sacrifice: they accepted the least wages which it seemed possible to subsist upon, and sacrificed of even the little they did receive, in order to make the Office a success.—Manuscript 16, 1890, 8, 9. (“The Constant Need of Divine Enlightenment,” 1890.)

[Note: James White suffered a stroke in August, 1865. The next two and a half years were given largely to his recovery, with the Whites residing in 1867 and 1868 at Greenville, Michigan, some 90 miles north of Battle Creek. By the time of the camp meeting at Wright in September, 1868, he was quite recovered, but Ellen, who had the burden of his care, was badly worn. At the camp meeting they were urged to return to Battle Creek, which they agreed to do. In mid-October they moved to Battle Creek, arranged for the building of a home, and then embarked on a journey east which took 11 weeks. Returning to Battle Creek on December 30 they found their home finished and partly furnished with their goods from Greenville. They found a very unwholesome situation in Battle Creek. They faced criticism and gossip. This demanded wearying labor with the church. Finally in mid-April, 1869, much worn, James and Ellen White returned to Greenville hopeful of finding seclusion and an opportunity to write. A few days after their arrival, Ellen White addressed a message to “Brethren Smith and Amadon.” The statement which follows is drawn from this communication.]

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