Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346], Page 194

as harmless by some Sabbathkeepers. But such ones are on dangerous ground. Thus Satan seeks to lead men and women astray, and thus he has gained control of souls. So smooth, so plausible is the working of the enemy that his wiles are not suspected, and many church members become lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.—Manuscript 82, 1900, 12. (Diary, “From Australia to California,” August 29-September 13, 1900.)

The same night there was beautiful music and fireworks close by across the road. There is an extensive beer garden owned by the city and carried on by the city. This garden is made attractive with flowers and shrubs and noble trees, giving a nice shade. There are seats that will accommodate hundreds, and little oval tables are adjusted before these seats and this most beautiful instrumental music is played by the band.—Manuscript 33, 1886, 1. (Untitled, September 2, 1886.)

We are having an indescribable concert. Nine are singing—Dutch or German, or French, I cannot tell which. The voices are just splendid, quite entertaining. I think it is a Sunday school excursion company.—Letter 8, 1876, p. 2. (To “Dear Husband,” April 16, 1876.)

I was shown the case of Brother S—that he would be a burden to the church unless he comes into a closer relation with God. He is self-conceited. If his course is questioned he feels hurt. If he thinks another is preferred before him, he feels that it is an injury done to him....

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