Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346], Page 216

p. 21. (Talk before representative brethren in the college library, April 1, 1901.)

The cars moved as noiselessly as a person walking with slippered feet across a carpeted room.—Letter 22, 1902, p. 2. (To Edson and Emma White, February 1, 1902.)

To prevail with Him, we must move in accordance with the Spirit's guidance. We may be hedged in by perplexities, but let us hold fast. Our great lack is perseverance, stick-to-itiveness.—Letter 154, 1902, p. 5. (To Brother T. S. Whitelock, October 6, 1902.)

In getting up out of the easy chair of self-satisfaction and going forth to give the light of truth to their fellowmen, God's people will learn an excellent lesson.—Letter 56, 1902, p. 2. (To P. T. Magan, April 6, 1902.)

Overwillingness in relieving the wants of the needy is a sin that very few are guilty of, and one that should be freely forgiven.—Letter 83, 1902, p. 5. (To Elder G. I. Butler and the burden-bearers in the Southern field, June 3, 1902.)

Many are in too great a hurry to pray. With hurried steps they pass the shadow of Christ's loving presence, pausing perhaps for a few moments within the sacred precincts, but not waiting for counsel. They have no time to sit down, no time to remain with the divine Teacher. With their burdens, they

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