Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346], Page 220

MR No. 316—Temperate Living and Health Reform

If you would engage in the work of saving souls, the knowledge of God and of His word must circulate in your heart, as the vital current of life circulates through your body.—Letter 103, 1896, p. 4. (To the workers in Sydney, July 17, 1896.) 5MR 220.1

I am more and more burdened as I see young men coming from the school at Battle Creek deficient in the education they should have. It pains me as I realize how many who should be instructed have not the privilege. From the light given me from the Lord, I know that four or five successive years of application to book study is a mistake. Those who encourage this close application to books, working the brain, and neglecting the education they should gain by using the muscles proportionately with the brain, are simply incapable of retaining the lessons they endeavor to learn. If one third of the time now occupied in the study of books, using the mental machinery, were occupied in learning lessons in regard to the right use of one's own physical powers, it would be much more after the Lord's order, and would elevate the labor question, placing it where idleness would be regarded as a departure from the word and plans of God. The right use of one's self includes the whole circle of human obligations to one's self, to the world, and to God. Then use the physical power proportionately with the mental powers. 5MR 220.2

While studying authors and lesson books parts of the time, students should study with the same application the human machinery, and at the same time demonstrate the fact by using the physical organs in manual labor. Thus 5MR 220.3

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