Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346], Page 226

MR No. 317—Ecstatic Experiences in the Early Days

Our conference at Topsham was one of deep interest. Twenty-eight were present; all took part in the meeting. 5MR 226.1

Sunday the power of God came upon us like a mighty rushing wind. All arose upon their feet and praised God with a loud voice; it was something as it was when the foundation of the house of God was laid. The voice of weeping could not be told from the voice of shouting. It was a triumphant time; all were strengthened and refreshed. I never witnessed such a powerful time before.—Letter 28, 1850, p. 1. (To the church in Brother Hasting's home, November 7, 1850.) 5MR 226.2

Our last conference was one of deep interest. Two were dug from beneath the rubbish. The present truth was presented in its clear light and it found way to the hearts of the erring. Before the meeting closed all were upon their knees, some were crying for mercy that had been cold-hearted and indifferent, others were begging for a closer walk with God and for salvation. It was as powerful a time as I ever witnessed; the slaying power of God was in our midst. Shouts of victory filled the dwelling. The saints here seem to be rising and growing in grace and the knowledge of the truth.—Letter 30, 1850, p. 1. (To Brother and Sister Loveland, December 13, 1850.) 5MR 226.3

Our meeting yesterday was interesting especially in the evening the Spirit of God settled upon us like the dew upon the mown grass, and our hearts were made joyful in God. We feel the need of being fully prepared and 5MR 226.4

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