Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346], Page 268

MR No. 319—History of Adventists in Italy

September 18, 1885—Dr. Vincenzo Guerini, a most promising, affable Italian, filled a tooth for me, from which the filling had come out. He is considered a superior workman in Naples, Italy. He is full in the faith. He filled three hundred cavities at the last conference for our people, for which he would receive nothing. 5MR 268.1

September 19, 1885—At half past six had a consultation with the Brethren Bourdeau, their wives, and Brother Whitney and his wife. We were talking in regard to the best way to help the Italian brethren. We received some light by talking over the matter together. 5MR 268.2

September 21, 1885—Brother Mallon bore an excellent testimony. He is an Italian. His wife was educated in Holland and speaks three languages. She is a woman of uncommon ability. 5MR 268.3

September 23, 1885—It was considered advisable that as soon as it could be well brought about, A. C. Bourdeau should go to Torre Pellice in Italy to labor, to hold what the truth has already gained and to gain still others to the truth. Brother and Sister Mallon live in this place. Brother Mallon is a publisher; has a printing office.... 5MR 268.4

Daniel [Bourdeau] then presented his plans that France and Italy be not encouraged to unite with Switzerland, but become a separate conference and use their means among themselves to build up their own conference. This I earnestly opposed, for the influence would be bad. It would not lead to union and harmony in the work, but to separate interest and they would not labor for that oneness that the Lord demands. 5MR 268.5

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