Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346], Page 308

MR No. 326—Sacrificing for the Cause

We know best how this cause started. We have studied, in every way, ways and means in order that we might have something to carry us from place to place in the cause of truth. To reach the very first conference that we ever had in the State of Connecticut, my husband worked at cutting cordwood at twenty-five cents a cord. He was not used to work, and the rheumatism came in his wrists so that night after night he was unable to sleep because of the pain. Our prayers ascended night after night that God would relieve him from pain.... He would say, “Wife, we must be sure to keep $5.00 by us, and if we come short of means we will not use that five dollars.” 5MR 308.1

I have fainted on the floor with a sick child in my arms more than twice for the want of food to eat. Then the word came, “Cannot you come and hold a meeting with us in Connecticut?” When my husband settled with his employer he had ten dollars, and with that we made our way to that conference. 5MR 308.2

It was there that the work began to branch out, and here is where he began to do his first publishing. He was a lame man, caused by cutting the ankle bone in his youth, but he walked nine miles to the printing office to carry his paper. At another time he took his scythe and went into the field to mow grass in order to get means to carry him to the conference in New York. And so the truth of God began to spread in New York, and this is a little sample of the way that we first introduced the truth into different places. 5MR 308.3

For months my husband worked, handling stone until the skin was worn off his fingers and the blood dripped from the ends of his fingers. This was in 5MR 308.4

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