Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346], Page 313

MR No. 327—The Church and Its Mission—Continued

The third angel's message is most solemn, fearful, and important. To us God has entrusted it, and we are accountable for the way we handle this sacred testing truth. If our defects of character betray us into sins which repulse souls and turn them from the truth, their blood will be upon our garments.—Letter 1, 1873, p. 10. (To Brother and Sister Canright, November 12, 1873.) 5MR 313.1

God would have Brother Smith visit foreign countries as His missionary if he would do the work of God thoroughly and faithfully.—Letter 10, 1873, p. 8. (To Brother Smith, May 14, 1873.) 5MR 313.2

I ask you to consider, Have we indeed the last message of mercy to be given to the world? If we have the truth, we have a great and important work before us. We should keep a close connection with God, for it is through His power alone we can reach hearts and minds with a truth which requires self-denial and the lifting of the cross to obey it. The work must go to regions beyond. The world is to be warned, the message of truth must be heard and will be heeded by some, and be to them a savor of life unto life, while to others it is a savor of death unto death. 5MR 313.3

Noah fulfilled the will of God in bearing God's message to an impenitent, pleasure-loving, corrupt people—the inhabitants of the Noachic world. Only eight of that vast population accepted the warning, fled for refuge into the ark, and were saved. The message of Noah condemned the 5MR 313.4

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