Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346], Page 317

MR No. 328—Ellen White's First Visit to France

Men were pushing and crowding one another, screeching at the top of their voices. Many were hoarse, and yet they shrieked on louder than ever. Hundreds were there, and men were coming and going, wrestling, crowding one another like madmen. And what was this all for? Trading in stocks. Some would gain, others lose. And it was all for a little of the inheritance in this life. Should we press in the value of the gift of eternal life, should we present the heavenly treasures, they would not be attracted for one moment. I thought of the scene when the day of judgment should take place. What confusion would come to all who have not made God their dependence and were not prepared for the great day of final decision. Let us make our calling and election sure.... 5MR 317.1

These paintings might have been seen through other eyes than mine and be adored as evidences or specimens of wonderful taste and skill. But I have had my mind so completely satisfied and at rest with the works of God brought to our senses in nature, and have been so fully satisfied in viewing the glory of the heavens, the works of God's creation, that these things in imitation of the natural seemed to fall so far below the works of the great Master Artist who made our world and everything beautiful in it, that these pictures could not charm my senses and meet my ideal.... 5MR 317.2

The best part and the most interesting part to us was the relation of the fact that this grand building was presented to the government for a hospital or asylum for old soldiers who served in Napoleon's armies. Their families and their children and grandchildren were to be taken care of. 5MR 317.3

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