Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346], Page 320

MR No. 329—Securing the Paradise Valley Sanitarium

I hope that you will look to God for counsel, and that you will endeavor to carry out the plans that were decided upon before Willie left for the East. Work steadily to the point. Show tact and skill in devising, and promptitude in action. You will have to exercise your own judgment; for we may be called away from California. It may be that the Lord will impress me that it is my duty to spend some time in Washington. And I may be directed to remain here with my workers. 5MR 320.1

But whatever you do, you are to move forward carefully and intelligently in building up the sanitarium work in San Diego. Do not fold your hands, thinking that your strength lies in doing nothing. You are to do the Lord's will. Are not the souls of those whom Christ has redeemed worth saving? 5MR 320.2

God desires His workers to take counsel together. Be subject one to another, but do not hold back in weakness and indecision, failing to do what needs to be done. Do not act an undecided, indefinite part. Make up your minds what needs to be done, and move steadily forward in the doing of it. Do not take one backward step. Show those with whom you come in contact that they are to work out their own salvation with holy boldness, and at the same time with fear and trembling, lest they fail to fulfill God's purpose for them. 5MR 320.3

Be prompt minutemen. Do not delay in carrying out the plans that have been decided upon. I have just read Dr. Whitelock's last letter again, and I can hardly understand why there should be any hesitation in taking steps to secure the property that I thought we had decided to purchase. 5MR 320.4

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