Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346], Page 377

MR No. 333—Our Health Message

I have seen in vision that tobacco was a filthy weed, and that it must be laid aside or given up. Said my accompanying angel, “If it is an idol it is high time it was given up, and unless it is given up the frown of God will be upon the one that uses it, and he cannot be sealed with the seal of the living God.” If it is used as a medicine, go to God, He is the great Physician, and those that use the filthy weed for medicine greatly dishonor God.—Letter 5, 1851. (To Brother Barnes, December 14, 1851.) 5MR 377.1

I then saw a lack of cleanliness among Sabbathkeepers.... I saw that God would not acknowledge an untidy and unclean person as a Christian.... 5MR 377.2

I saw that these things should meet with an open rebuke, and if there was not a change immediately in some that profess the truth, in these things, they should be put out of the camp.... 5MR 377.3

If we wish good health we must take special care of the health God has given us, deny the unhealthy appetite, eat more coarse food with little grease. Then you can consistently ask God's blessing upon such food as is congenial with your natures. We must pray as did Solomon for food convenient for us, and act accordingly, and God will bless us. Some Sabbathkeepers make a god of their bellies, waste their means in getting rich food. Such I saw, if saved at all, would know what pinching is unless they deny their appetites and eat to the glory of God. There are but few who eat to the glory of God.—Manuscript 1, 1854. (“Reproof for Adultery and Neglect,” February 12, 1854.) 5MR 377.4

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